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Jack Gray
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I began as a composer, trying to write music that is original, and meaningful to the widest possible audience. Over time, it has become clear to me that, modern life being what it is, people rarely listen to music anymore as an activity in and of itself; music seems to matter only as an accompaniment to some other activity or medium. Thus, I made the logical progression into commercial music, which is essentially accompaniment to visuals. However, a few years of that convinced me that writing commercial music is ultimately very limiting and unsatisfying. Producers seem interested only in a very narrow, stock palette of music genres. So, hoping to control the storytelling myself, and, most importantly, to write whatever music I want, I started making my own films. I would describe them as less than opera, but more than silent movies.
Dedicated to Frances, her mother and sisters, and Nedra - all beautiful when they were young...and then beautiful the rest of the way, too.

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Life is short (but he->||<-she is forever)
An observation in four parts:
Perfect Love
The Innocents
soft sad rain

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Another Day in Paradise
Life in middle-class 1950s America: so uncomplicated, so tranquil, so...SAFE! And yet, hidden behind the facade of contentment, there's a disturbance - an obsession - and no one can escape it.
Idyllic Scene
Train of Thought
A work-in-progress that I shall never finish. I continue to think that the premise is worthwhile, but its execution essentially required that I write stock film music for existing films, and I quickly lost interest in that. Additionally, my ongoing choice to use old public domain films as raw material became a problem in this case because it required huge amounts of research time, but ultimately yielded very limited choices. Nonetheless, there's a certain "something" about it (train wreck?) that compels me to include it here.
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